Tax advice

Kreston AC has an extensive tax network, which includes about 5,000 tax professionals in 120 countries. Together, the group brings together our tax knowledge to help clients meet their commercial challenges and grow their businesses.

Our tax professionals have an intimate knowledge of the regulatory and tax environment and regularly work on cross-border tax projects.

We will help your company in the following aspects:


- Tax review is an analysis of the current state of the tax accounting and payment system; determination and assessment of current tax liabilities, as well as risk assessment.


- Tax optimization - building a system of "best practice" in the field of tax control and management.


- Tax support - consultations related to changes in legislation; services for the calculation and payment of all types of taxes; representation of clients in tax authorities; preparation of tax reports and declarations.


- Tax consultations are consultations in resolving disputes with regulatory authorities.


You can always count on us in case of any questions in the field of taxation.