Before compiling annual reports (and not only), each organization needs to take inventory of its own property.


To conduct an inventory, employees of the auditing company Kreston AC can be included in the inventory commission, or we will conduct an independent inventory and property valuation on our own.

Inventory makes it possible to achieve the following goals:


 - Comparison of the correctness of documentation.

- Identification of the actual availability and quality of the property.

 -Detection of negative phenomena from theft to natural loss.


To do this, we verify the credentials and the actual availability of inventory items, as well as check all the documentation.

Our company is ready to perform the following types of inventory:


- Full or partial.

- Planned, mandatory or sudden.

- Inventory with barcoding, that is, the application of inventory numbers in the form of barcodes, for the convenience of accounting for fixed assets (fixed assets) and goods and materials (inventory).