and Valuation

Kreston AC offer you the services in the field of statutory and initiative valuation (in accordance with applicable law). In addition, the list of services includes procedures for the financial modeling, scenario forecasting, analysis of model sensitivity to the parameters that allow you not only to understand in what the range is the estimated value of the object, but also to identify the key factors, which has the greatest impact on the cost. Business Valuation - the definition of the company's value as a property complex that could bring profit to its owner. In conducting the valuation of examination is determined by the value of all the company's assets: real estate, machinery and equipment, inventories, investments, intangible assets. In addition, separately evaluate the performance of the company, its past, present and future earnings prospects for development and the competitive environment in the market, and then compares the evaluated company with enterprise-level counterparts. Based on such a comprehensive analysis, the actual valuation of the business as a property complex that could be profitable.

Business valuation is needed in the following typical cases:

  • sale of business;
  • sale of the assets of the enterprise (business);
  • reorganization (merger, separation, absorption, etc.) and the liquidation of the enterprise conducted by a decision of its owners, and the decision of the Arbitration Court of the bankruptcy of the company;
  • sale of the shares on the securities market (buying the company or part of it, are in stock ownership);
  • implementation of the investment project development business (enterprise)
    when its justification is necessary to know the basic cost of the business (enterprise);
  • obtain a loan secured by the property business (mortgage);
  • property insurance company.

Kreston AC provides the following services:

  • Appraisal and valuation of businesses, real estate, investment projects, incorporeal right and other property;
  • Inventory of real (fixed assets, construction in progress, inventory) and financial (receivables, financial investments) assets of enterprises.
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