about us

“KRESTON AC” LLC is a full service professional service firm committed to delivering outstanding taxation, financial, business and legal advisory services to public and private companies, foreign owned subsidiaries, family businesses and individuals.
The firm was founded with a focus on increasing profitability of small and medium sized businesses in Tajikistan, whilst minimizing compliance and taxation costs.
Kreston AC combines a deep, practical expertise in Tajikistan taxation, business, financial and legal sectors with the support of one of the world’s largest accounting networks, Kreston International, to help clients seize opportunities that create and preserve wealth.
The first-hand knowledge of local regulations and customs provided by your Kreston member firm can give your organisation an invaluable competitive advantage in the world market place. Working with an established firm in your destination country, you can take advantage of their contacts and local reputation. If international jurisdictions complicate the issue, individual Kreston members can call upon the support of the worldwide network to provide a swift, appropriate solution.


By choosing a Kreston International member you have reduced the learning curve and the risk when entering new markets. You maintain control through one-to-one contact with the local Kreston member.
Whatever your business, accounting and consulting requirements, a Kreston member will be there to provide expert support. Where appropriate, Kreston members find and work in close co-operation with other specialists. Each Kreston International member is an independent practice with sole responsibility for its own work, staff and clients. You are assured of continuity of service and personal attention at all times.
The strength of the relationship between the independent firms within Kreston International adds a powerful extra dimension to this personal service by providing 24-hour global coverage and removing the need to negotiate cultural bridges.

Commitment to

Kreston International member firms commit to compliance with the professional standards appropriate in their respective countries and to adhere to the following international standards:

  • International Standards on Quality Control
  • International Standards on Auditing for the conduct of transnational audits.
  • Code of Ethics as issued by the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants.

A globally coordinated quality monitoring and review programme supports member firms in the maintenance of these standards.

of Firms

Kreston International is a member of the Forum of Firms. The forum is an association of international networks of accounting firms, its goal being to promote consistent and high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.

and accreditation

Certificate on registration
No 0265444

LLC "KRESTON AC" was registered
on April 12, 2014 in Dushanbe
Republic of Tajikistan

license for Valuation Services
Reg. No 000024

LLC "KRESTON AC" has a license for
Valuation Services. Reg.No 000024,
valid till July 13, 2019

license for Audit Reg.
No 0000099

LLC "KRESTON AC" has a license for
Audit Services Reg.No 0000099,
valid till May 16, 2019

license for Audit Reg.
No 0000066

LLC "KRESTON AC" has a license for
Audit Services Reg.No 0000066,
valid till December 29, 2021

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